Do you ever look at what business owners are posting online and think that they look larger than life – like they have it all figured out and have been following a star-studded path to success from childhood that has yielded nothing but sunshine and rainbows?

In today’s episode, Greencow Show Co-Host Lee Watson shares that while all of us ARE constantly on a road to success, what that road is paved with depends on your attitude.

An adventurer, entrepreneur, and business advisor with 40+ years of experience founding and growing diverse companies, Lee’s current focuses are Greencow NFP (, as well as Business Beyond Numbers (, his newest venture, which focuses on helping startups and entrepreneurs succeed in life and business by applying what he’s learned as a Facilitator in Training for The Virtues Project ( and an experienced entrepreneur.

Sometimes the mysteries in life find their way into business and sometimes adventures are tools to growth, learning, and the joy of living. Although Lee’s life hasn’t been free of challenge, he’s learned to use those challenges as stepping stones on his road to success.

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